My blog, my brand: blogging 201

**Please take a moment to view my notes below and critique the site as necessary.  All points of view are welcome!**

Although before setting up my blog I did put some thought into it, but as time passes and things change (whether we want them to or not) today’s assignment is a good cause for pause to make sure it is really want we want to represent us in this big blogging world.

That being said, I did fix my picture last night. It was driving me nuts from day one because I couldn’t get it focused and finally it is here (yippee). The picture itself, however, is how I want to represent me and my blog – Scotch and Chocolate (classy and sassy).

Why? I bought a discounted ticket for a this tasting. I knew very little about Scotch, as I mostly drink wine, but thought I would be adventurous, step out of the comfort zone a bit, to do something a slightly bold… The chocolate was divine and decadent and that too was something I wished to have represent me. So this is why the picture is there. I learned so much that night (about Scotch and myself to step out of that zone more often), had a great time in the process for very little money.

Next about my branding, the color scheme. A soft pale pink. I love pink (and purple and green.. ok I love color) but the pink says to me, happy… it is welcoming and not harsh, and when wearing rose colored glasses, everything looks so much better. I like to think that the majority of my posts have been and will be, a good representative of that – a positive vibe even if things don’t always feel that way, on every subject matter.

I do however want to mess around with the widgets a bit more to see how I can add to the site without it becoming ‘busy’. I like the theme that I picked because it is clean, soft, and easy to read. Especially the font, sort of funky don’t you think??

Today’s assignment: audit your brand — look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog, and make sure they’re consistent, focused, and say what you want them to say.

21 thoughts on “My blog, my brand: blogging 201

  1. I like the pretty pink background. The way your contents are arranged on the left is good and appealing to the eye. I wonder if you could increase the font of the writing and make it of a darker hue to accentuate the contrast with the pink.

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  2. I am more of a bright and bold color scheme person myself, but I agree that your soft colors are very relaxing. What works for me doesn’t need to work for you and other people’s opinions are just that. Your site, in and of itself, is lovely … the elements are balanced and work well together … that is what really counts. 🙂

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      • I will do just that. I love your Orples, they are just adorable. I can’t comment on your page because of the way it is set up but when you see me ‘like’ something, know I would love to comment as well 🙂

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      • Thank you Giselle for your kudos. I think a lot of people are having problems with this site because it is so different from my old site. I did a post on that site yesterday to try to detour my followers to this thread, and explain where and how this site works. You can click the picture and it will enlarge so you can actually see the cartoons/instructions/posts I set up.

        My ‘comment’ option is up under the title as opposed to being down by the ‘like’ buttons as was true on my old blog. Also, the Orange title button ‘Orples’ is my homepage button taking you back to the beginning of ALL of my posts, regardless of category. You can cruise down the line from there, but to comment, you have to click the title and open the article. When done, hit the ‘back’ arrow key on the address bar to pick up where you left off, or hit my ‘home’ button to start from scratch. Please let me know if you are still having problems commenting. I am hoping your problem is due to ‘unfamiliarity’ with this format.


      • Thank you for letting me know you were unsure of how to leave a comment. If you have any other problems with my format, please let me know. With all of the different blogs available, it is hard to figure out what is what sometimes. 🙂

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  3. I love the idea of your header, but setting of it (with someone’s arm cut off on the side, it looks like, and event advertising as well) looks a bit unprofessional, but hopefully one day you can have a custom designed ‘scotch & chocolate’ header, yeah? 😀

    I like the pink as well, it is very welcoming!

    And I really love your tagline.

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