It’s a big world out there

It’s a big world out there and we all need help to navigate it. I have the aspirations for this blog to make you laugh, possibly inform or educate you, and definitely share everything I love from travel, books, to wine and let us not forget, to vent about the bumps in life that we all have our own opinions about. Hopefully those that may read this will share their thoughts and advice about any and all topics. Unwind, have a laugh, provoke a thought, its endless and more fun when you join the conversation.

But where to begin? Well, more tweaking is involved, more surfing the site, and more importantly, much more to come.

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy” Benjamin Franklin (cheers to that one!)

3 thoughts on “It’s a big world out there

  1. G, Just found your blog and it made a smile wrap around my head. Your writing style makes me feel as though I know you 😉 In order to post a comment, I created an account and now I’m committed to writing a blog about live shows. You’ve inspired me, thank you! -Radam


    • I am very surprised you had not already had countless adventures documented on some blog/web thing! I have no doubt that your blog will catch on and not be the personal space you are starting from. I hope you had some laughs while reading what I have been up to these many years and I look forward to your exploits all while shaking my head and a crooked smile. Jinxie


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