Rose-colored Glasses

Let the ‘pink’ wash over you and just smile.. this is a beautiful post (I wish these words had come to me…)

Writing and Reflections


Subtle shades of pink

soften the edges

in a black and white world


Streaks of vibrant salmon

dance across stormy skies

in the midst of chaos


A rush of crimson

decorates chapped faces

in the coldest winter mornings


Cuddly carnation blankets

swathe crying babies

in the in-between hours of dusk and dawn


Sweet cherry Lifesavers

shared between young girls

in the gestures that comfort


Endless fields of poppies

celebrate the wonder of creation

in the face of sorrowful destruction


Rose-colored glasses

frame my endeavors

in all that I do


I live in a pink hued world

and leave the black and white


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3 thoughts on “Rose-colored Glasses

  1. Beautiful poem, but sadly, at some point in life we must all shed the rose-colored glasses to face our heartbreaks, whatever they might be, to find REAL peace. I know— been there, done that. Sorry to be a party-pooper. Bah, hum-bug. 😉
    Too, after you face the truth, forgiveness is key it takes to lock the door so you can finally walk away and put those rose-colored glasses back on. Ah! The revolutions of life.

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