Saved by the Whale! Humpbacks Play Hero When Orcas Attack


A humpback whale protects a Weddell seal from an attacking killer whale. Credit: Robert L. Pitman

We all know the addage, ‘a man’s gotta eat’ and in the wild world of nature it is always brought to another level…. no knives and forks and civility, it’s taking a bite of your dinner while it stares you in the face.

I get it. When dinner escapes, someone is going hungry.

But I can’t help but cheer on the ‘dinner’ to get away… and when I am not there to ‘shush away’ the hungry, sometimes Mother Nature steps in for me.

I love that this whale doesn’t just scare the Orca away, she actually flips on her back, gets the seal on her stomach and props him up enough so the seal is safe.

Pretty damn impressive if you ask me!

Link to the short article below:

Hero humpbacks? Decades of observations of humpback whale behavior show that they interfere with attacking killer whales to save their prey, no matter what the species.

Source: Saved by the Whale! Humpbacks Play Hero When Orcas Attack