Time warp from 2021!

It is hard to believe that I have not written anything since 2021 – with no excuse, mind you. I should probably make something up so that I keep your attention and sound exotic.

Well I should share some of the fun that goose and I have been up to over the past year (and in no particular order)

This past year we have explored more of the beaches of New England, popping by Horseneck Beach, Salisbury Beach, and lots of paddleboarding at the State Park.

We had a BLAST this past summer at Hampton Beach Casino where I introduced Goose to Little River Band (circa 1976)! Drinks and dinner beforehand, rooftop and overlooking the ocean. A great way to start the evening. Then she kept me after the show to meet the band and purchased a tour T for me – she is amazing! Of course she ran into someone she knew; the photographer of the show!

We took a great trip to Aruba in August 2022. Goose surprised me with a dinner in the ocean. Although it started with simple tiny waves lapping at our ankles, after two hours, the water was just under my seat and time to go! The food was delicious and obviously, the company was even better.

At some point in the past year we took a trip to NH to get our Zen on and time for an overnight and massages. We stayed at our ‘go to’ spot at Loon Mountain, which is always a perfect place to eat, massage, and enjoy. There is also the BEST Chinese food restaurant just before the lodging and we made sure we stopped to indulge.

Halloween! Our favorite holiday of the year! October 2021 was our first visit and we stopped by again in 2022 to soak it all in. The RI Roger Williams Zoo does a spectacular pumpkin event with more than 15k pumpkins carved – in a themed event, hanging from trees, on the ground, they even look like they are falling from the sky! A must see if you are ever in the area.

The RI Zoo also put on an amazing Chinese Lantern exhibit this past summer. Larger than life and just breath taking. The pictures cannot do them justice. Dragons, under the sea, the phoenix, land animals, it was never ending.

Did someone say grape harvesting? Good came up with a great idea to break up the Autumn this year so it included a new event; grape harvesting from the local vineyard! In exchange for our very hard all day work, we were treated to a fabulous lunch and wine from the vineyard. A very tasty varietal (new for me).

I was on my own for two very wonderful events at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. The dahlia exhibit and the orchard exhibit. I am surprised I did not actually run into more people as I was just simply amazed and taken aback but the beauty, color, and all different shapes each produced.

I am sure I am overlooking many events and day trips, so I will post again soon. For now, here is a happy pup.


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