Ode to the PB&J

A fierce staple amongst millions of sandwiches; you never disappoint.

How many ways to eat you; let me count the ways… with smooth or crunchy, with jelly or jam, strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry, currant, and who can forget grape! Shall I add a hint of fluff or let you stand on your two magnificent complimenting flavors alone? It is all so overwhelming and yet… I know you will fulfill my craving without fail in perfect combination.

Your beautiful blend of thick peanut protein, sugary jammy berries, and carbohydrate bread will sustain me for many hours, allowing me to not just ‘make it through the day’ but will fend off any chance of hunger that may lurk nearby (the bastard!).

You have brought smiles to millions of faces (and stomachs), overlooked by the masses as a form of gourmet meal, and remain your humble self.

PB&J, I salute you; in full, glorious, PB&J smeared fingers!

2 thoughts on “Ode to the PB&J

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