I missed my New England autumn

This year experiencing the New England autumn is more flavorful than years past. Why? Well as the old adage states, be careful what you wish for, had come true; I took a vacation to the beach, only it was so beyond hot it was not fully enjoyable (it’s the beach, it didn’t suck). I longed for the cool nights, cracking a window and piling on the blankets, the shades and hues of colored leaves that only Mother Nature can create, the pumpkin spiced everything (whether it needs it or not), and the comfort foods I love to make in the kitchen which is not used in the summer because it’s just too damn hot.

I am very happy to be back, the hour drive to work getting cut off, swearing at almost every driver that goes by and then cuts me off, even the rain today cannot bring me down, because of the colors…. the amazingly beautiful colors….I wish you could see them now.

Ready, Set, Done

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4 thoughts on “I missed my New England autumn

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