You never really know what you are made of until you are faced with the challenges and choices you fear.

When faced with life altering choices do you play it safe or look at it as an opportunity for more and chance it – let the ‘gods’ play with you (as it were) as if you were a chess piece in the game of life?

Am I being face with such an ordeal because I have had it too easy, too content, for too long and now life plans to give me a taste of what others have to deal with on a daily basis or is it a turn of events-the next new path to exploring and growing?

I read a book many years ago, it was called, The Reluctant Messiah (great read). In simple terms, it says to just let go… stop fighting the stream’s current, be the blade of grass that stops clinging to the rock, and let the flow of water and energy take you for the ride of your life.

Much easier said than done… or is it? When is it time to just let go? When do we have enough faith in ourselves that we will be happy no matter what comes into our lives?

I am currently faced with the proverbial fork in the road and can’t decide. Clinging to the rock is comfortable; I know where I stand, I know what is coming from upstream and how to handle it. At the same time it is exhausting to continue holding on so tightly and not let myself be tossed around against the stream’s rocks, logs, and occasional slimy frog.

When? When will I know it is time to ‘just.let.go.’ ?

11 thoughts on “Just.Let.Go.

  1. “By not making a choice… we make a choice.” I don’t know who said it first, I just know that in my own life, looking at what I have versus where I want to go, my decisions tend to follow two patterns. Stay with what I have because it is better than what I have to gain.. or.. well, just the opposite. Regardless, letting go of the comfort always sucks.

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    • the unknown is where my anxiety brews. you made a great point, even if i choose not to choose, i have still made a choice. (actually Rush has it in their lyrics too, ‘Free Will’ great song). I am taking many deep breaths in order to remain as calm as possible and keep as much stress at bay as possible…thank you for your post.

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  2. This post is very inspiring. I think that taking opportunities when we have the chance should be done as a duty to ourselves. Stagnancy may be comfortable, but it isn’t progress. And why hold yourself back from potential progress?

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    • You are right, I need to keep looking at this as an opportunity and progress. As I mentioned in a response to another, my anxiety stems from the unknown. It is difficult for me to push through that wall. Thank you for your comment and kind words 😉

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  3. Hey, Giselle. Loved this post, among many others on your site. I am nominating you for the Real Neat Blog Award. It’s just a fun way of expressing my appreciation for your gift and expression. I hope you will find it a pleasant opportunity to post some things and display your award on your side panel. Of course, it’s not obligatory in any way; just thought of you and wanted to pass on the kudos. Blessings always.

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