Free the Mead

meadery bottle

Goose and I went to a wine tasting today and we both fell in love with Mead.

Now, if you are a virgin to mead as she and I were, you may be asking yourself, what the hell is mead? So let me give you the quick version: it is fermented honey and water and many times fruit or spices will be added for different tastes. It doesn’t actually taste like honey at all really, at least I did not get any of that sweet very distinctive flavor.

Mead is known to be the world’s oldest alcohol libation as far back as 3000 BC (as stated in a few articles).

1634 Meadery in Ipswich MA had several flavors but the one I enjoyed most had the raspberries infused. The women representing the company were top notched; knowledgeable and friendly (I most definitely cannot say that about all the companies represented!)

So now Goose and I have to make another road trip to Ipswich; for more fried clams, the wolf sanctuary, and a tour/tasting of their other flavors. This will be an all day event I am sure!  Because, really…. who doesn’t want to be a Viking for a little while.

meadry viking

Give it to me straight....I can take it

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