more than spinach in my teeth

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You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

My initial response was the superficial, how will I know if I have spinach in my teeth. But upon further deep thought, and another high test coffee, my final answer would be, it would ultimately be freeing. No longer would I live every day to the aging woman in the mirror but as the early 30 something I feel! Every day we should embrace the inner energy and youthfulness, but it is not that easy when you see more wrinkles and gray hair facing you whilst brushing the fangs.

3 thoughts on “more than spinach in my teeth

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  2. Nicely said! It reminds me of something my mother-in-law said once. JD said she looked in the mirror once and was very surprised, saying, “Who IS that old woman!?” I like your idea of embracing our energy and youthfulness. Thanks!


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