Thanks for nothing Zoltar

Egads! 7th grade again?! It was pure torture the first time around; Catholic School, threats of physical punishments, the awkward growth spurt and being taller than most of the boys in the classroom, and I still cannot break down a sentence into all the parts, lines everywhere… ::shutter:: … yelling at me does not help me to retain information any better, thank you Sister Mary-Margaret-Anne-Cathorine of Lourdes.

I am technologically challenged to begin with, so I can only imagine I would be the object of ridicule for all the other kids in class (go me, I love attention) but on the upside, the ‘underprivileged, overweight, underheight, tripping over his/her own shadow’ student can breathe a sigh of relief for the momentary distraction I would cause.

Zoltar, you can keep my $1 and buy yourself a new headpiece. In the meantime, I am pulling your plug.

In a reversal of Big, the Tom Hanks classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid. How do you survive your first day back in school? – the daily post

2 thoughts on “Thanks for nothing Zoltar

  1. Well my first day of 7th grade I started my first day at Catholic school and my mom let me cut my hair shorten then most of the boys n told me it looked good….sound familiar? I met some friends I had for a few years and realized Catholic school was not for me but I think everyone’s first day of middle school….more then high school is akward I was just lucky I didn’t care…and still don’t…what people think of me and I actually went to school to learn…zoltar u win again haha


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