Caribbean music awaits me

Vacation, vacation, this question of the day arrived on a wonderful day as I am gearing up to leave on vaca and put work and all the stress behind me. Although I would love to be greeted with a warm sun, big waves, and a drink with an umbrella, I will be just as satisfied if there are gentle rains everyday.

We are headed to the ‘islands’ and although it can be a difficult time of year scheduling around the hurricanes, I have my fingers crossed they will skirt us and we will have 7 days of relaxation. Best case scenario, swimming, snorkeling, and lots of dancing at night. I am not a casino person so can skip that portion of the evening. Just let me strap on my high heel sandals and look out steel drummers – no really look out because I am sort of clumsy and you don’t want me anywhere near you!

Worst case scenario, well a hurricane, but hey, it would be exciting anyway! Hmm maybe I should brush up on my Spanish for ‘run its a hurricane’…

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2 thoughts on “Caribbean music awaits me

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