Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivaldi’s Four Season is the prime background music – isn’t this what life truly is? Spring Summer Autumn Winter? Close your eyes and listen to the music. Vivaldi brings out the essence of each season with every note: spectacular!

We are born and everything is fresh and new… green and smells like the dew drops in the Spring… colors bursting with the excitement of what is to come… growing and learning and spreading our wings to eventually leave the nest (insert Cyndi Lauper’s Girl’s Just Want to have Fun).

Summer comes and we are in our prime, we have hit our stride, we are trying to enjoy life while finding the perfect balance of family, friends and work (insert Shinedown’s: Shine from the Inside).

Slowly we realize Autumn is upon us. Our hair turns gray as do the leaves change colors. Temperatures cool and we find ourselves needing another sweater. Funny, when we were younger how the temperature change would not affect us so drastically.

We look to the Winter months knowing it is not too far away. We try to cram as much family-time into a short of a period as possible. How quickly time has passed and it feels as if we never really had any time with them at all. Our children’s lives have become filled with their own family friends and ‘Summer’ (Incubus’: Wish You Were Here)

As the snows from Winter keeps us in our homes and secluded, so does the ultimate and infinite hibernation arrive. (Pink Floyd’s: Time – “far away across the fields, tolling on the iron bell, calls the faithful to their knee, hear the softly spoken magic spell…”)

Response to the question of the day:

Cue the Violins

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

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