and the award goes to…

Cancer Is not Pink lead by Swoosieque have nominated my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

I started following her blog because of the Daily Post question regarding food. Her writing and subject matter brought back many memories of growing up and my own mother’s cooking (which wasn’t always a good thing).

This is what writing is all about, yes? Touching your audience, for good or bad, but making them pause, reflect, laugh… it touches something inside them and a connection is made.

Without knowing her, I can say she is a strong woman. Without knowing me, I can tell her I work in Cancer Biology and maybe that is our ‘other’ connection in this world.

In any event, there are guidelines to being nominated and I will do my best to abide by them. I must share 7 facts about myself (and in no particular order).

1. I currently work in Cancer Biology
2. I love animals to a fault (i.e. one of ‘those’ people that would stop traffic to let a mother duck and her babies stroll across the highway and proudly get a ticket for it)
3. I talk to inanimate objects, knowing they won’t talk back but maybe they do hear me (ok look copy machine, I know you have a long day but just one more color copy would be awesome)
4. My daughter and I are like one (only she is smarter, prettier and with much more wit!)
5. I used to ski; and was pretty darn good at it (at least my daughter thinks so)
6. I love wine. Love it. The taste, the smell, the color and how it is made
7. I love to laugh; it is one of the few things you can feel from the inside out

I have taken to blogging not only to work on writing better but to share a piece of me with everyone ‘out there’. I hope you have the room for one more blog to follow and you choose me 🙂