My blog, my brand: blogging 201

**Please take a moment to view my notes below and critique the site as necessary.  All points of view are welcome!**

Although before setting up my blog I did put some thought into it, but as time passes and things change (whether we want them to or not) today’s assignment is a good cause for pause to make sure it is really want we want to represent us in this big blogging world.

That being said, I did fix my picture last night. It was driving me nuts from day one because I couldn’t get it focused and finally it is here (yippee). The picture itself, however, is how I want to represent me and my blog – Scotch and Chocolate (classy and sassy).

Why? I bought a discounted ticket for a this tasting. I knew very little about Scotch, as I mostly drink wine, but thought I would be adventurous, step out of the comfort zone a bit, to do something a slightly bold… The chocolate was divine and decadent and that too was something I wished to have represent me. So this is why the picture is there. I learned so much that night (about Scotch and myself to step out of that zone more often), had a great time in the process for very little money.

Next about my branding, the color scheme. A soft pale pink. I love pink (and purple and green.. ok I love color) but the pink says to me, happy… it is welcoming and not harsh, and when wearing rose colored glasses, everything looks so much better. I like to think that the majority of my posts have been and will be, a good representative of that – a positive vibe even if things don’t always feel that way, on every subject matter.

I do however want to mess around with the widgets a bit more to see how I can add to the site without it becoming ‘busy’. I like the theme that I picked because it is clean, soft, and easy to read. Especially the font, sort of funky don’t you think??

Today’s assignment: audit your brand — look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog, and make sure they’re consistent, focused, and say what you want them to say.

Set 3 goals

Assignment #1, set three goals. Who would think it was so hard to think of three things that I wish to strive for when creating a blog.

#1: Creativity. I love to write and would like to become more creative with my posts, not just one topic or genre. Currently writing is a bit cathartic for me and at some point I would like it to still be on a personal level but more… hmm just ‘more’.

#2: Writer’s Block. Although I don’t consider myself a writer in the true sense, I would like to be able to find the tricks and tips to writing on a more consistent basis and not when a topic comes along to enlighten me. How to achieve this? I am looking forward to this class to assist me!

#3: Audience: Expanding is always a good thing. I am very new to this blogging idea and reaching as many people as possible to get their stories and inspirations is very important to me.

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve