Zombie Apocalypse (What!? It could happen…)

Seeing as Trulia, yes the honest-to-goodness real estate website, has put so much time and money into figuring out the first cities the zombies will attack, I thought I would pass along not only their findings, but my insight on the subject for this ten minute prompted writing.

The Huffington Post posted the following with a map:

If and when the zombie apocalypse is nigh, we will all have to make one monumental decision: Where to seek refuge?

When the undead rise up, hitting the beach in zombie-free bliss will not be an option. Honolulu is ranked as the most appetizing city for hungry zombies.

Residents of Honolulu will make easy targets for the walking dead, what with the city’s high walkability and lack of hardware stores (where there are potential zombie-killing weapons). Honolulu also has a high hospital density, making it easy for zombies to find weak victims, and it is extremely congested, with some of the worst traffic in the nation.

New York is number two on the list, followed by Newark, Boston, and Washington D.C.

Trulia calculated the survivability of the cities using the following criteria: highest walk score, lowest hardware store density, highest hospital density, and most congestion.


MY TAKE: Hello Trulia! Zombies can’t swim! The best place to be is on the coast on a raft, boat, etc., tease those brain-eating asshats to walk into the water and presto! They drown before reaching you and shortly thereafter, no more zombies.

I wish to have it known that this idea is now public and mine, all mine! (insert evil laugh here). Those of you that wish to purchase a ticket on my boat, please contact me, there are limited seats, and one small port-o-potty on board. It is your responsibility to make it to the New England shore line, travel not included. Gifts will be accepted and move you to the head of the line regardless of ticket bought. I like red wine and dark European chocolate…why wait until the apocalypse? 😉


This post is in response to the daily prompt:

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done

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