Auto-Arachnid Accident

The last little goblin shows up at my door and yells the standard ‘trick or treat’…

“Here you go little princess, my last chocolate bar, I am sorry that is all I have. Have a great night!”

Before I have a chance to close the door, two more little monsters dressed as Frankenstein and Dracula show up with the same demand, ‘trick or treat’… yikes, now what? They are not the typical three or four year old and I didn’t have time to shut off my light from the last customer to give them fair warning. I look to the left and then to the right, no sign of parents and sheesh, these kids are almost as tall as me – what to do?!! I politely try to explain the situation and the bad timing but with or without candy, I have a feeling these two have only tricks on their mind this night.

Although not one to scare easily, I wake the next morning to find my pride and joy Mini Coop filled to the brim with spiders of every shape size and species! WHAAA – someone hold me!

I cannot kill them; it is not my place to do so in this world. I don’t think ‘auto-arachnid accident’ is covered under my AAA coverage either (I will have to call and have them consider an additional line item on my policy from this point forward…) all I can do is open the doors and run like a zombie is chasing me… or faster!


This was the only picture I could post without falling into the fetal position for the day…

I would also like to add that when I would come home from trick or treating as a child, dump all the treats from the night’s haul, I would then be subjected to the ‘candy tax’ from both parents as payment for room and board all year 🙂

Trick or Trick – daily prompt

It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

10 thoughts on “Auto-Arachnid Accident

  1. The “Trick” they would have to pull on me would have to be epic like the movie with Michael Douglas “The Game” . It has to be one of those life altering ordeals. 🙂

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  3. Hahahaha! I know what you mean about the picture you chose. I wrote about being afraid of spiders and put a picture of an actual spider on the page, and I practically had a panic attack when I previewed the page. I mean seriously. I’m not looking at that page again. I freakin’ hate spiders.

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