Better than coffee to wake you up-and cheaper

If this doesn’t either (1) wake your ass up any time you are sleepy or (2) keep you from falling asleep due to nightmares = you are in a coma.

Sweet dreams my naïve readers, for this is what lives under your bed…..

wake your ass up

wake your ass up

I have watched too many horror movies….

the first bible?

the first bible?

It is hard to believe but this bible is about 8″ x 8″ and 4 ” thick; I have never seen anything like it. It freaked me out so much that I couldn’t bring myself to open it (as I should have) to find out exactly why it was so darn think – but I am chalking that up to seeing too many horror movies in my time (I swear it was vibrating), in addition to my unfamiliar surroundings (sure that’s it!).

I was walking through a house for sale over the weekend and it’s interior brought me back to the days of visiting my aunts when I was only young child. The gold and flocked wallpaper, the glass knobs on French doors, plush red carpets, ornate furniture that reeked of circa 1930’s…. dated but solid and the memories came flooding back faster than I could stop them; I was just speechless (which doesn’t happen often trust me).

When I sent the picture to Goose she asked jokingly “Is this the first bible”? Could be! Maybe it is handwritten which is why it is so thick but we will never know because I am such a wuss.

the first bible?

the first bible?

Halloween for 31 days!

What?! Is there someone behind me?

It’s October in New England, more specifically Salem, so how could Goose and I NOT go and enjoy one of the 31 days of festivities?

That’s right! Be very jealous! The spooky scary (and in this case a bit corny) festivities of Halloween last for the full month of October, and we enjoy every bit of it.

Halloween is our favorite holiday. It’s the mystery, the unknown, the possibility of life beyond and not in the demonic way but simply our energy reforming into something else and lasting forever. Believe it, be a skeptic, don’t believe… we don’t judge, we are all here doing our own thing, and its all good…this just happens to be our thing.

So enjoy are few pictures from the most Halloweenie place in New England…

I made a new friend this day.

“Hmm, you would look like a good add to the recipe…come a bit closer”

Who says you can’t pick your friend’s nose?

misbehaving  And this my friends, is what happens when you misbehave….

Happy Halloween everyone, Happy New Year to those that celebrate, and of course –

Blessed Be.

Five Little Pumpkins

Here is a little ditty I learned way back in grammar school:

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,

The First one said, Oh my it’s getting late!

The Second one said, There are witches in the air!

The Third one said, But we don’t care!

The Fourth one said, Let’s run and run and run!

The Fifth one said, It’s Halloween fun!

I have been singing this in my head since the beginning of October!

Over forty ::cough cough:: years later and one of my most wonderful memories. Loved that grammar school with all my heart!

Auto-Arachnid Accident

The last little goblin shows up at my door and yells the standard ‘trick or treat’…

“Here you go little princess, my last chocolate bar, I am sorry that is all I have. Have a great night!”

Before I have a chance to close the door, two more little monsters dressed as Frankenstein and Dracula show up with the same demand, ‘trick or treat’… yikes, now what? They are not the typical three or four year old and I didn’t have time to shut off my light from the last customer to give them fair warning. I look to the left and then to the right, no sign of parents and sheesh, these kids are almost as tall as me – what to do?!! I politely try to explain the situation and the bad timing but with or without candy, I have a feeling these two have only tricks on their mind this night.

Although not one to scare easily, I wake the next morning to find my pride and joy Mini Coop filled to the brim with spiders of every shape size and species! WHAAA – someone hold me!

I cannot kill them; it is not my place to do so in this world. I don’t think ‘auto-arachnid accident’ is covered under my AAA coverage either (I will have to call and have them consider an additional line item on my policy from this point forward…) all I can do is open the doors and run like a zombie is chasing me… or faster!


This was the only picture I could post without falling into the fetal position for the day…

I would also like to add that when I would come home from trick or treating as a child, dump all the treats from the night’s haul, I would then be subjected to the ‘candy tax’ from both parents as payment for room and board all year 🙂

Trick or Trick – daily prompt

It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

Spooky Salem

My daughter and I use to go to Salem, MA every year. It is the mecca for all that are in search of spooky during the October months due to its history relating to the witch trials in the late 1600’s*. The majority of the visit is walking; walking through haunted houses and museums, walking through somber 1600 -1700 graveyards where women and children died so very young, walking through town to see all the vendors sell their wares and jumping headfirst onto the Halloween bandwagon, etc.

The last year that we went, we were walking down a semi-main street as nighttime was falling… checking out the buildings and the fabulously old architecture… when something ahead of us caught our eyes. An older home not well maintained with a farmers porch, a refrigerator stuck in the corner, and a man, a rather LARGE man who could pass for a 6′ football player standing at the bottom of the steps from the porch.

This was no ordinary man; this was Michael Myers come to life! Full-on one piece jumper and perfectly fitting mask. Upon realizing who this large man was, we (what we thought was discreetly at the time) crossed the street and continued to walk toward the house. We were whispering to each other– what do we do? do we keep moving forward? He has seen us! It would be awkward to turn around now… we have to keep moving forward. All the whispering without taking our eyes off him…he stood there watching us. Ever so slowly moving his head… watching us from across the street, walk past the house… and then he started to move, to walk slowly but deliberately, as only Michael Myers would do, down the sidewalk following us…never breaking character, slowly…very slowly following us… the electricity between my daughter and I rose significantly as we tried to keep the scream to ourselves – oh my God he is following us – and quickly picked up our pace. The shrieks were mixed with laughter and many MANY high pitched “oh my God! oh my God! oh my God!” as only two frightened young women can do.

He stopped following us at the end of the street, turned and walked back to the house only to wait for his next victims. Meanwhile, my daughter and I laughed so hard we cried… how that nameless man in his spot-on Michael Myers impression, made our trip to Salem a moment we will never forget.

*Side history lesson: due to changing town lines since the trials, the ‘Salem Village’ where the trials took place is actually present-day Danvers Massachusetts. The current town of Salem is not the original site but is widely accepted as where the witch trials and hangings took place.

Daily Post:

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).