The ‘burbs meet concrete jungle


A very interesting combination for its residents; the ‘burbs and its beautiful flowers, shrubbery, terraces, and fresh air meets the concrete jungle of city living – Habitat 67.

Habitat 67 – I had never heard of it until the Goose and I took a last minute road trip in the Mini this weekend to Montréal (her suggestion of course). The World’s Fair, held in Montréal in 1967 prompted a McGill architectural student to conceive this housing complex. Currently, 146 residences sit on a peninsula (of sorts) in the St. Lawrence River, jutting out from the Old Montréal port.

The “last minute unscheduled trip” lives in the world of mystery – waking up in another country after a few hours’ drive is something I don’t think I would ever get used to but would love to do on a weekly basis. We did cram quite a bit of walking, eating, and history into a just a day, but where are all my pictures?!! Looks like I need to go back sooner than later…. (YES!!)


10 thoughts on “The ‘burbs meet concrete jungle

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    This is a great post and a fun way to share a “daily” adventure! I also go on small excursions away from our “comfort zone” and my family drives to find new places in Colorado all the time. Cool picture and I love the phrase “burbs meet concrete jungle.” -OM
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  2. I know the feeling of waking up in another county since I used to go up to Ontario a lot. However, Montreal, Quebec, is a different story. I remember seeing an old National Geographic (I think) from 1967 where they had a fold out map of the entire Expo ’67 site. Just think, those concrete boxes are 48 years old.

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