Mirror, mirror or through the looking glass?

 mirror mirror

I am not sure what prompted me to take this picture. The day started out with the intention of spending a day at the beach with the girls but rain changed those plans (so please forgive the lack of make -up eek!). So we stopped for lunch and reevaluated the strategy.

We decided to explore the town instead and one of the stops was a very large indoor consignment shop. You can find statues, clothes, jewelry, paintings, old military items, just about anything you can think of. The girls were just being silly and posing next to different items in the shop and having a fun day.

But when I look back at this photo in particular, I wonder, what I was looking for? Was I looking at my own reflection or was I looking through the mirror into another world? The future? The past? Maybe I was just, in the moment, but somehow as I sit and gaze at it, it seems deeper than that.