Tiramisu to you too

Embrace the Ick – hands down, tiramisu (and flan is a close second).

This is clearly one of those, “it’s not the flavor it’s a texture thing” for me. I couldn’t even tell you what it tastes like, it only lasted a millisecond in my mouth before getting violently spit out (into my napkin of course, I am a lady after all).

The wet-bread texture on my tongue causes such shivers up and down my spine it can be viewed as a seizure of sorts. Give me a fresh shucked clam any day of the week over the most spot on tiramisu created from the best chef in the world.

I also don’t let tomatoes sit on my sandwich for more than an instant. I know that damn tomato¬†jelly substance¬†is trying like hell to get soaked up in my bread; not today tomato, not today.